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No. 47 — Feminisms(s)
Illustrated by Nadia Sanmartin
  • Feminism(s)
    Núria Vergés Bosch, Mireia Calafell, Pere Almeda
Feminisms: where do we come from? Where are we going?
  • Weaving the threads: a genealogy of feminisms in Catalonia
    Mercè Otero Vidal, Montserrat Otero Vidal
  • Potentials, challenges and tensions in Catalan feminisms today
    Joana G. Grenzner
Inclusions, visibilities and opportunities
  • Feminist journalism: a radical, cross-cutting intervention
    Isabel Muntané
  • Gender and ICT: Are we making progress in CyberFeministisation?
    Núria Vergés Bosch
Works and care
  • Sex work is work
    Livia Motterle, Janet, Kali Sudhra, Paula Ezkerra
Intersectionalities and alliances
  • Being a black woman in Catalonia
    Desirée Bela-Lobedde
  • A letter from a trans man to the old sexual regime
    Paul B. Preciado
  • Independence and feminism: decolonisation and depatriarchalisation
    Sara Cuentas
Feminist poetics of the body and desire
  • Disobedient motherhoods
    Esther Vivas
  • Ugly sisters and toads. Disney love and feminist agency
    Brigitte Vasallo
Power, authority and Feminist Republic
  • Imagining a Feminist Republic
    Tània Verge Mestre, Carme Riu Pascual, Montse Pineda Lorenzo, Montse Romaní Draper, Rosa M. Ortiz Monera
Repressions, exclusions and sexist violence
  • Sexism 2.0
    Laia Serra
  • Kit against online gender-based violence
    DonesTech, Núria Vergés Bosch