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No. 46 — The future of the European project
Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames. Paris, 15th of April, 2019
  • The Future of the European project
    Pere Almeda
History and values
  • We are all children of the Enlightenment
    Philipp Blom
  • The transformation of European values
    Norbert Bilbeny
  • An open Europe for the 21st century
    Jan Zielonka
  • Dialogue: Revisiting Europe, from History to values
    Marina Garcés, Philipp Blom, Pere Almeda
Democracy and legitimacy
  • Ideas for a complex Europe
    Daniel Innerarity
  • Taking Back Control
    Richard Bellamy
  • Dialogue: Democracy in Europe
    Daniel Innerarity, Josep Lluís Martí
Institutional challenges
  • EU: scenarios for the future
  • A neoliberal EU by design?
    Jordi Angusto
  • Policy Proposals for a future Europe
  • The unequivocal Europeanist vocation of Catalonia
    Mireia Borrell
  • Europe's future: more power to the Union, more autonomy for the member states
    Josep M. Colomer
European economics
  • Medium-term european economic prospects
    Àlex Ruiz, Javier Garcia-Arenas, Roser Ferrer
  • European integration
    Àlex Ruiz, Javier Garcia-Arenas, Roser Ferrer
The pledge of a social Europe
  • Inequality and Europe’s Political Malaise
    Branko Milanovic
  • Lecture: Forward to a Social Europe
    Philippe Van Parijs
Demographics and migrations
  • Twenty years of impasse
    Gemma Pinyol-Jiménez
  • Impending migrations in Europe
    Andreu Domingo
  • Old imaginaries, new migrations
    Tania Adam
Europe in the global context
  • The European Union and the Security of Europeans
    Mariola Urrea
  • China-EU Relations
    Li Xiaoyu
  • Transatlantic Relations and Upcoming EU and U.S. Elections
    Spencer P. Boyer, Lucie Menna-Guettaa
  • The European Union, an actor for peace?
    Pablo Aguiar
European imagery
  • Allegories in film
    Ingrid Guardiola
  • The Church that Enlightens
    Oriol Caba

Twelve fictions about the future of Europe
  • Preamble: The truth is also created
    Martí Sales
  • Diary Reread and Rewritten in the First and Third Person
    Mireia Sallarès
  • The Grey Sea
    Eluned Gramich
  • Two tickets to Namibia
    Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida
  • European fiction
    Cristina Morales
  • Mr Sala-Babot’s Signage System
    Borja Bagunyà
  • The Hate
    Kallia Papadaki
  • A Couple Letters
    Nina Yargekov
  • Poems about Europe
    Juana Adcock
  • To Europe
    Petar Matovič
  • Europe is Lost
    Kate Tempest
  • The Tale of the Pig Slaughter
    Martí Sales

  • Europe in figures